Dear Ukrainian,

I have received your letter in which you defend Stefan Bandera. Allow me therefore, to ask you two questions. Firstly, are you familiar with the word of Bandera: “Kill every Pole between 16 and 60 years!” If you are not familiar, you are not a Ukrainian. If these words are familiar to you, do you agree with them or not? If you agree with them, then our conversation is over.

For your information I want to bring to your notice the fact that Stefan Bandera intended to make Ukraine into a a pledged vassal of the German state. He had in fact the support of Alfred Rosenberg, but because Hitler decided that Ukraine would be inhabited after the war only by German peasant farmers, the project was cancelled and Bandera deported to a concentration camp. Something similar happened in our territory withJan Rys-Rozsévač, the founder of the organization Vlajka.

Next, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that already President Yushchenko declared Bandera a national hero, and a similar proclamation is now being prepared concerning Mr Shushkevich, who is known for the fact that in 1941 he ordered thousands of Jews shot in Lviv. Unfortunately, I can’t congratulate Ukraine upon such national heroes. I am glad to be able to assist you with this information and I wish you great success in your work.


Miloš Zeman (Czech President – ndM)


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