You could very well get it!


  • America: South Stream is gone. Europe will lose Russian gas over time, leaving the EU at America’s total energy mercy. European citizens will pay a much higher price for gas and oil…paid to American (and American supported) energy companies
  • Russia: They can now move on and they already have. China is sealed up, now Turkey. Energy will always have buyers and two big deals have been sealed. Added bonus, Russia can stop dealing with the losers that make up the EU.
  • Turkey: Disrespected and teased by the EU for decades, Turkey will now be a major energy transit hub to Europe, and beyond. Should South Europe need gas, then it has to deal with Turkey now. Suck on that Brussels!


  • Ukraine: You are about to see Ukraine turn into a rump state. Once gas stops crossing through Ukraine pipes, the country will become a wasteland of nothingness. They fell hook, line and sinker for the American/EU fairytale. With Turk Stream a reality, Ukraine has lost its strategic energy significance, and the fairytale is in fact a horror freak show.
  • Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Italy: All these EU countries would have made big time revenue, and employed lots of people in need of jobs, by being links in the South Stream chain. Now they will have to pay the Turk Stream toll booth to secure their energy needs.
  • Greece: Turkey and Greece are far from BFF status. Throw in the Cyprus problem and you can now see how being subservient to Turkey for your energy needs could be considered a bit of a security problem. After 8 years of austerity, Brussels really f**ked Greece big time by blowing apart South Stream.
  • Brussels: They sold out the prosperity and security of Southern Europe so they could appease their US masters, line their pockets, and most likely avoid some NSA scandals. Europe forfeited energy security, revenue, jobs and so much more over a Ukraine over run with nazi elements. Brussels leadership should be held accountable for this betrayal.

In this brand new, post-everything Europe, the only value actually pursued is the bizzarre actions of Mr. Tafazzi!


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