LATEST COUNT OF MILITARY DEATHS in the ranks of the Junta Armed Forces
from April 3 to November 27        (Source)

* 3,450 fighters “Right sector” as well as 30 special battalions of mercenaries “Dnepr”, “Azov” and “Aydar”,
* 11,715 soldiers (main battalions listed but left out) from Ministry of Defense
* 4,141 employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs
* 379 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine,
* 243 people from the ranks of the State Border Service,
* 1,781 people from other armed Ukrainian units

* 88 employees of the CIA, FBI and Special Forces defense Intelligence Agency.
* 630 foreign mercenaries from among the Polish private military company «ASBS Othago», American Academi and her “daughter» Greystone Limited, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Finland, Africa, Arab and other countries

That is 21,709 Ukrainian and 718 foreigners, a total of 22,427 as well as 49,673 injured.


If this report is accurate, it’s even worse than the worst estimates made until now. The magnitude of such military debacle defies comprehension, even if the explanations provided in these articles sound plausibles:

The Rebels’ Secret Weapons

Where the Rebels Find Their Weaponry

Cords and Cauldrons

To read all of them in Italian, click here.


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