The Patriarch Bartholomew and his followers are separating themselves from the Church!

After 561 years from the political submission, today Constantinople is being subjugated also spiritually; that is, definitively!

Patriarch Maximos, the legitimate Patriarch uncanonically deposed by the CIA in 1948 and substituted by a 33th degree mason, was right: the City is lost!

P.S. – Today, while the Phanariots are concelebrating with the Pope, i.e. with the heretics, breaking a dozen canons of the Church, the Church Calendar commemorates St. Gregory the Wonderworker of Neo-Caesarea (266). According to the Tradition:

Before ordination, when it was necessary for him to pronounce the Confession of the Faith, Saint Gregory prayed fervently and diligently imploring God and the Mother of God to reveal to him the true form of worship of the MostHoly Trinity. At the time of prayer the All-Pure Virgin Mary appeared to him, radiant like unto the sun, and together with Her was the Apostle John the Theologian dressed in archbishopal vestments. At the bidding of the Mother of God, the Apostle John taught the saint how to correctly and properly confess the Mystery of the MostHoly Trinity. Saint Gregory wrote down everything that the Apostle John the Theologian revealed to him. The Mystery of the Symbol-Creed of the Faith, written down by Sainted Gregory of Neocaesarea – is a great Divine Revelation in the history of the Church. On it is based the teaching about the Holy Trinity in Orthodox Theology. Subsequently it was made use of by the holy Fathers of the Church, – Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and Gregory of Nyssa. The Credal-Symbol of Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea was later examined and affirmed in the year 325 by the First OEcumenical Council, showing his enduring significance for Orthodoxy.

Christians know that coincidences do not exist!


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