Thanks to the Saker’s Community, who have done a wonderful job.

The session is very interesting, above all because of the informed look it provides into the internal political dialectic of Russia, which will be able, I hope, to dispel the fog from the brain of all who think that Putin is a dictator. To these simpleminded the advice is always the same: switch off the idiot box and start thinking!

Khazin is also one of the few economists who does not fill the role of court’s astrologers, so that he’s able to divulge some correct concepts about economy and finance. Not every point he makes is agreeable, of course, after all he speaks from the Russian point of view, but this is just normal.

Below there is an excerpt. Read the rest clicking here.


It appears that the economies of some countries that have followed the US lead in sanctions are being affected. Do you believe the US has promised to subsidize the losses of its allies? Why do you believe these countries have been willing to risk their economies?
No, the US will be giving money to no-one. Those countries that have acted against their own interests have done so as their elites have been effectively captured by the US. It’s no secret and in fact many write in the independent European media that it is impossible to make a career in politics with support from the US. The only ones therefore who can have a career are those firmly ‘on the hook’. Often the United States will create that hook themselves (Profitable contracts, grants, sometimes bribes and even blackmail). It’s not surprising that they control the entire extent of the EU, eavesdrop on all telephone call etc etc. It just needs the exposure of an affair, a few hundred euros of income hidden from the tax authorities or a recording of an indiscrete telephone call (maybe criticising the Gay Parade) – they would all be enough to, when exposed to the national press, to deprive an individual of his social status or a significant part of his income. Who would go against that?
There were a lot of scare stories in the 90s about the ‘Stasi’, who allegedly held records of every citizen of the German Democratic Republic. We now understand that, in comparison with the practices of the United States today, this period was actually an unexpected utopia of personal freedom. To give examples, The Stasi may have known who slept with whom, but it did not have recordings of discussions held during these intimate rendezvous. Ask yourself: Is it pleasant to think that there are people who can, without oversight, scrutinise recordings directly relating to your personal life? Furthermore are there many people on this earth who would not be vulnerable to blackmail in their personal life? And how many people are there really who would refuse to do the bidding of the United States, knowing that such information is not only in their hands but ready to be used against them?

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