A few days ago, the Latvian media megaphones of dark and alien powers did come out as one voice glorifying the exceptional courage of Edgars Rinkevics, the man who Latvia’s got the disgrace to have as foreign minister.

What did Mr. Rinkevics to deserve such unanimous praise?

Did he finally start fighting against illegal sanctions indirectly imposed on Latvian farmers and enterprises to please interests which reside exclusively in Washington?

Did he confront with bare hands three armed robbers taking the meager pension away from a hapless omite, putting them on the run?

Did he jump fearlessly in the fire burning down his house just to save his kitten?

Nope! He just declared publicly that he have sexual intercourse with men, not with women as all normal men do.

Now, it’s frankly hard to understand why anybody should give a damn about the sexual preferences of a middle-aged man. It’s even less comprehensible to find the celebrated courage in giving such a declaration.

I understand that the media brothels’ narrative is that homosexuals are poor people, relentlessly harassed and discriminated by all the evil men who like women and all the evil women who like men out there, but it’s just a crass lie! None of those men and women give a damn, I repeat, about what Mr. Rinkevics and people like him do in their bedroom. They are absolutely free to live as they like, living together included, with the only limit being public decency, which is a limit valid for everyone else too. They also enjoy equal rights and duties in front of the law as any other citizen, regardless of their sexual habit. Nowadays, they are subject to no harassment or discrimination at all!

The problem is that they do not want to be equal, they want to be special, they want to be superior to anybody else. They pretend that the boundaries in place for every person must not be applied to them. If I go into the streets in underwear, mimicking all sort of obscene practices in front of everyone, as they do everywhere take place their carnivalesque parades, I would end up (justly) in jail; they instead get praises for “courage” and “social achievement”. They pretend that eventual crimes against them must be punished in a much harsher way than those committed against anybody of us. They have even invented a new crime: to be in disagreement with them!

They pretend to push their abnormal sexual habit (no matter how much babbling someone is willing to utter, the norm is that men choose women and women choose men to have sexual relations) down the throat of the entire society, they pretend to model the whole society, where they represent the zero point something, after their sterile worldview. They pretend to teach our children the utter idiocy that the gender is an opinion, a social construct, they pretend to make our children in their image and likeness. They pretend to have rights not on their children, as everybody else, but on other people’s children!

Please, save me the useless objection of exaggeration. In most European countries there are already in place legislations sanctioning everything I’ve said above, I could provide tens of examples!

To be fair, Mr. Rinkevics for the time being has limited himself asking for a “mere” recognition by the State of homosexual couples. This is interesting enough, nevertheless, as there is no acknowledgement by the State of heterosexual couples, outside the marriage; therefore, you have here another example of their pretension to be considered special than anybody else. In case you wonder, then, why there is the acknowledgement by the State for the marriage, well, that is for the simple fact that the union of men and women is the only thing which guarantees the future of society and the perpetuation of the human kind. If people like Rinkevics would increase in number from zero point something to even just a small but consistent minority, the future of Latvian people is showed by the picture below.


To be even fairer, it must be acknowledged that this will be the future even if the unabated assassination of the children of Latvia before birth will keep on going on; today four hundreds of them are murdered in the womb which should protect them every thousand children who are allowed to be born and live. While presiding over this terrifying crime, over the genocide of his own people, all Latvian governments and intellectuals are “worried for the demographic situation of the country”…… It must be a form of schizophrenia!

Anyway, there are already some enthusiasts who in various forum are pushing for the Saeima to change the Latvian Constitution, which correctly define the marriage as the legal and voluntary union of a man and a woman, so as to allow two homosexuals to play to “husband and wife”, maybe even to the point of getting a living doll to play also to “mother and father” (possibly with the provision to return the toy when the players get bored). The fact that this madness is opposed by the 90% of the Latvian people does not annoy them. They are special after all, you know: they copulate innovatively!

Therefore, I keep wondering where the much decanted courage of Mr. Rinkevics is. Maybe I should ask Mr. Ushakov, who promptly rushed to join the chorus of praises, to get some hints. Alas, even he miserably failed to articulate the concrete basis to declare that courage, to explain us why someone who deems appropriate to inform the public of his sexual preferences is ipso facto courageous. Mr. Ushakov is surely the best mayor Riga has ever had since the restoration of the Latvian independence, but he should concentrate just on his administrative duties in order not to spoil his record. For example, he should better his supervision on Riga’s Social Service Office, to prevent them to snatch little children from the mother breast upon the simple suggestion of a school director. Taxpayers’ money should be used adequately, in order to avoid a drift away from decency, which risks ultimately to lead us to abomination like this in Scotland, where parents will be allowed to raise their children only accordingly to parameters set up by government clerks. Not even Nazis, not even Soviets dared so much! God save Latvian people from such a nightmare!

Some years ago, Mr. Ushakov was between the prominent supporters of an useless referendum to make the Russian language as the second official language of the State, rejected en masse by the Latvian citizens. That referendum was the perfect pretext for alien interests’ servants and useful idiots to take away nearly completely from the Latvian people the right to express directly their will about important political issues. Starting next year, a minimum of 150,000 signatures will be needed to start a referendum, that is about 20% of voters in Latvia! It looks like the political class here has decided to represent just themselves and their sponsors in deciding the fate of this land and the people whom it belongs! What about the will of the Latvian people? Oh, come on! Do you still believe in the tooth fairy!??

That’s the core of the problem! Who does the political class here and in the West represent?

If you want to understand the outing of Mr. Rinkevics, you must put it in the context of transnational events. Less than two years ago, dark powers have evidently decided to start a full offensive to get approved in all Western countries (which still resisted) a ludicrous redefinition of the meaning of the family, in order to subvert irremediably this necessary cement of every social community and every nation. The task is to complete the utter deconstruction of the human society, transforming definitively the human kind in atomized individuals devoid of any defense against any indoctrination and deceit, a zombified biomass to be shaped at will to the use and consume of the hidden masters.

The ruling politicians of those countries have immediately answered to the call, as they are owned by these dark powers and are their servants, together with the usual multitude of useful idiots, marketable intellectuals and Pavlovian puppies who afflict every society ruled by those servants, with the fundamental help of the media brothels, which are almost completely controlled everywhere in the West by the same dark powers, through the credit and advertising levers or direct (concealed) control.

By consequence, in all these countries have been imposed edicts introducing homosexual “marriage” and homosexual’s “rights” to other people’s children or orphans. From the United Stated to the United Kingdom, from France to Lithuania and Estonia, every nation has fallen or is falling, and nowhere the people of these countries has been consulted (for the very simple reason that they are all overwhelmingly opposed to such crap!). Not only, they have been beaten and imprisoned by the “police” (in fact, dirty cutthroats of the power, willing to abuse and kill their own people for a bowl of soup) when they have dared to protest such impositions, as in France, where millions upon millions of persons have marched to protest the abuse. Currently, tenacious attempts are underway to subdue the residual countries and people in Europe who still resist against their assisted suicide, starting with Italy, where some Vatican hierarchies are carrying out the role of trailblazers.

In Latvia, the task of introducing something which goes against the matrimonial practice of all the millennia and the good old common sense is more complicated. First of all, the indoctrination of the people by media and “cultural” and “educative” outlets is not so advanced here, so that the population is not yet stultified as in the West. Moreover, Latvians are pragmatic people for the most part, they value traditional wisdom and are naturally able to spot camouflaged nonsense like homosexual “marriage”; they are tolerant but according to the real meaning of the word, so that they naturally reject the Orwellian new-speak of Eurosodoma, according to which now tolerance means: either you join in the orgy or you get raped! They recognize it for what it really is: inverted tolerance! The people of this land, in short, is still able to recognize Conchita Wurst for what he really is: a freak!

Alas, the dark powers are tenacious, they pursue their goal of dominion and exploitation unceasingly, decade after decade. They have already infiltrated this country extensively. Almost all principal media, printed and electronic, are already firmly in their hands, touting relentlessly the poison intended to envenom the people of this country, targeting above all the new generations, the future voters and rulers: children and young people are like soft wax, ready to be modeled at will, and they are the most coveted prey. The media here have already joined the ranks of all the “free” media in the West: they are free to inform you about whatever their master want! It’s enough to look at their shameful coverage of the coup in the Ukraine and the consequent disgusting massacre of several thousands civilians in the East of the country by the Ukrainian Army and oligarchs’ death squads to understand it. Don’t be overly harsh to them, though…. As it has been aptly said, nowadays in the media industry either you are a prostitute or you are unemployed. Of course, as with every rule, exceptions apply even here.

bordello mediatico

Even the vital ganglia of the State power structures and political centers are being corrupted and conquered day after day. It’s not so difficult, it needs just a bit of patience and the help of local agents, identified, trained and nurtured by all the so-called non-governmental organizations. You need just a bit of patience to achieve your goal when you have practically unlimited resources (the dark powers controls totally the monetary and credit emissions in the West), even on a planetary scale, even to the point to convince mankind that black is white, the up is down and there’s no difference between a man and a woman!

Yet they are rather unsatisfied about how the situation in Latvia is unfolding, unsatisfied about the very meager results their local servants are producing in relation to this specific task, the destruction of family, the corruption of children and the consequent uprooting of the society. An obscene parade in Riga some years ago was met with indignation and actively confronted by an outraged population and, apart from some reckless attempts by a former education minister and the usual push coming from their media mouthpieces and the pathetic unelected bureaucracy (like the Soviet Politburo) of Brussels, the agenda was not seriously advancing. They needed to jump start the bandwagon to exploit the momentum coming from the offensive launched in all the other resilient European countries, they needed to put the matter resolutely in the public discourse, they needed a senior politician to grab the rainbow flag and to wave it publicly from the power palaces, a Trojan horse to work actively from the inside to cause the fall of the city.

Enter Mr. Rinkevics! Is it clear now?

Mind you, he has waited for the election day to pass (coming out, moreover, just the day after his confirmation as foreign minister). He evidently did not want to have his “courage” assessed and evaluated by the people in Latvia. A strange courage, indeed! In fact, it’s just against the people that the task must be carried on!

Therefore, we can confidently conclude that Mr. Ushakov again misses the point here. It’s not courage the right word to describe Mr. Rinkevics’ exploit, it’s something else. I let to the readers the choice of the right adjective for Mr. Rinkevics.

Anyway, Mr. Ushakov does not need to be exceedingly sad for this. His last failure to assess an important political event did serve at least to dispel all the recurrent rumors about him being just a kind of fifth column of Moscow, a regular accusation against him coming out all the time from the members of the fifth column of Washington. The accusation is clearly baseless! Russia has prohibited obscene parades in her street, Russia has clearly stated that homosexuals are not special but perfectly equal to every other citizen in front of the law, Russia has prohibited (homo)sexual propaganda to reach children, Russia has forbidden to corrupt children in the schools, Russia does not allow necessarily sterile couples to claim rights to other people’s children or orphans, Russia is the only country where there are serious attempts to stop the systematic assassination of children before their birth, Russia affirms that black is not white, up is not down and children need a father and a mother to grow up harmonically! Russia cares about her children and, through them, her future. Mr. Ushakov does not!

Provided that, what can people in Latvia do to prevent to have the dark masters’ homosexual agenda pushed forcefully down their throats? First of all, they should not trust politicians and their statements and promises. In Western so-called democracies, politicians do not represent people and do not act in people’s interest; they represent themselves, their ambitions, their lust for some oddments of power, their wallets and wealth, their careers, and act in the interest of whoever is able to fasten and guarantee all of that (apart obviously from always fewer exceptions). Who has unlimited credit and monetary resources in the West to guarantee all of that for them? The dark, hidden masters, their archons in the international banking cartel, their local vassals and agents!

The people serve just as a beautiful facade to hid the sepulcher when they are called to vote for predetermined candidates on the ground of promises and programs that invariably will not be respected! Representative democracy has the seeds of its degeneration inserted directly in the system itself! Politicians in Latvia still conserve a higher public decency than elsewhere in the older Western countries, but don’t count on it to last for long, no matter what law and norm and enforcement office you can concoct, because the festering is in the system themselves. In presence of the current absurd monetary system that we have, where the people (State) pays interest to a bunch of parasites to get money which has value just for the people’s (State) guarantee on it, the “representatives of people” will always end up in becoming representatives of the parasites (the dark, hidden masters)!

There’s no escape from that outcome, Latvia’s political environment will end up like those detectable in every Western “democracy”, where “conservative” and “progressive”, “radical” and “moderate”, “left” and “right” and every other kind of political dialectic will have no meaning at all. “Left” and “Right” are just like your left and right hands: they look different, but both respond to the same control center and pursue the same agenda. Not only, you will also see a growing use of violence and repression in dealing with the growing dissatisfaction of the people, and the pervasive use of the magic word, national security, to abuse and silence whoever will speak outside of the official fictional frame and disturb the Truman show they are preparing for the Latvian people.

The real meaning of democracy is the direct rule of the people, the people gathering and voting on the issue, EVERY ISSUE apart from the ordinary administration and the matters already settled by the Constitution of the country. Nowadays, a real democratic system exists somehow only in Switzerland. It’s the basic reason why they have escaped every war, every devastation, every cultural pestilence and almost every turmoil since the birth of the country.

Therefore, the only hope for the people resides in their direct actions, mainly through referendum. Exactly what Latvian politicians have taken away from the Latvian people, with the next year planned increase to prohibiting levels of the threshold of needed signatures to start the process. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Please, think again!

Anyway, that’s all you can do. Direct action! Flood the Saeima with thousands of letters asking the deputies whom you pay the salary to respect the people’s will and reject any proposal endorsing the homosexuals agenda and sign to protect your children from (homo)sexual propaganda. It’s also necessary to start a referendum to secure that any change to the Latvian Constitution, as much as any law establishing international duties or sovereignty cessions for Latvia, must be ratified by the majority of the people.

In short, stand up and fight for the future of your children and your land. All of you, regardless of what language you speak or what blood flows in your veins. You have no other land and every land belongs to every person who loves it! So, stand up and fight! Or else, stay idle and watch the people of Latvia fading into oblivion!

It’s obligatory to conclude remembering that it is approaching the celebration of the Independence Day in Latvia. Soon the Latvia anthem will resonate everywhere here. We will sing “God, bless Latvia“.

When you will be singing that, invoking the divine protection upon your land, remember at the same time the Word of God:

And thou shalt not lie with a man, as with a woman: for it is an abomination.            Leviticus 18, 22


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