What I’m basically saying is what you said here: “God is Truth”, no doubt. And, 2+2= has to be 4 and not 3. But 2+7-5 = is also 4 too. Both ways are Truth, one is shorter and the other is longer. No one way is the only correct way.


Logic needs to be approached carefully, because its rules are merciless and mandatory.

You can very well choose both ways to reach “4”, in fact infinite ways are able to get there, but you MUST get there, to “4”, not “5” nor “11” nor any other of the countless fancies devisable by the vanity of the human mind.

The Truth is one and is Christ! I came to the Truth on a different way than, say, Dimitri or Ioannis, but we all got there. Almost any of us had his own way to get there, to Christ, but there is only one Truth and your way MUST take you there to be legitimate, to be true.
If your way lead you elsewhere, to Buddha, Sai Baba, Darwin or whatever else, then in your case it’s 2+3=5 and 2+7-1=8; and no matter what combination (way) you use the outcome is never the right answer, the Truth. It’s another thing.
In short, every way is good provided that the outcome is ALWAYS the same, “4”, because ONE is the Truth. “4” is equal only to “4”!
If you get anything else, well, you have a “non-4”.
If that’s okay for you, it’s fine for us too.
The Lord did never force anyone.


The deeds without the Faith are useless!
He who does not gather with the Lord, disperse.
The Faith without deeds is dead!
If you have Faith, you’ll do the deeds by consequence. If you don’t, your faith is a pretension.

What Christians do?
First of all, they understand that since the Ascension of the Lord, Christ is present in this world only through His Bride, the Church, the only vessel of His Holy Mysteries, the only place where the Holy Spirit operates, His Mystic Body, and every member of the Church is part of that Body. If you want to join Christ here, you join the Church.

They also understand that there is only ONE Church, with no branches. You can go out from the Body of Christ, but you cannot take anything (but your apostasy) with you!

This Church is the One Who has not changed one iota from the Faith received from the Apostles and in the Tradition of the Fathers. No innovations, no additions or subtractions, but a few adjustments to the ever changing social environment and NEVER regarding the dogma.
The Orthodox Church!

All heretics and schismatics and sectarians can maintain the name Christian, but they are not. In fact, many of them confess Christ and sincerely love Him, but they confess Him in error. That error leads them to falseness and falseness cannot share in the Truth; nothing false can be grafted in the Body of Christ.

No matter how much unpleasant they may find this, no matter how many good people there are in those heresies and sects, no matter how many of the original teachings they conserve, they are outside the Communion of Christ and there’s no Grace in their sacraments (when they conserve them).
This is a statement of fact and it’s not liable to interpretation.

They are part of the problem and many of them, as in the case of American sects, are a BIG part of the problem!

What Christians do? They live by the Word of God in the Church!
Christianity is the religion of the Incarnation of God. We do not discuss about Christ, we (try to) live Christ.

If you love Me, keep My Word.

That means to keep the Commandments, all of them!
We have One God.
We fear nobody else.
We stay clear of any idol.
We sanctify the Repose of the Lord.
We give honor to our fathers and mothers (not the parents, the Father and the Mother!).
We do not kill, if they are not killing us.
We do not break the marriage, not even in thoughts, remembering that MALE and FEMALE He did create them, so that they could be one flesh.
We do not steal, not even when it’s legal.
We do not give false witness, it could be worse than killing.
We do not covet our neighbor’s belonging.

We keep all of them in Spirit, above the letter, in accordance with the teaching of the Lord. We keep them, loving God more than ourselves and our neighbors as ourselves.
We recognize our neighbors in everybody but the progeny of the devil (John 8, 44), but we pray even for them, because men can always repent, until their last breath, and escape a terrifying  lot. We do not pray for the blasphemers of the Holy Spirit; it’s vain.

Apart from that, one Holy Hierarch has synthesized the life of a Christian in: Prayers, Worship (Divine Liturgy) and Alms. St. Seraphim of Sarov would add Fasting: “If he does not fast, no matter what he thinks he is, he is not a Christian.”
I would listen to St. Seraphim, one of the greatest Saints we have.

We fight against every passion and desire of material things. It’s not that we do not enjoy all the good things and beauty with which God has provided His Creation, but we enjoy them without the desire to possess them. When you want to possess them, you end up possessed by them, and that’s the core of all the hellish torments, after your departure (and even before).

We have a total, unconditional trust in the Lord and His mercy.
We commune as much as possible to the Holy Chalice and the other Sacraments to gain the strength to fulfill the task, because we know that we can nothing on our own.

What we lack, the mercy of the Lord will provide, provided that your efforts are sincere and strenuous. Never give up, no matter how painfully aware you are of your unworthiness and weakness. A sincere and loving heart in the desire to keep His Word is the only mandatory requirement.
As another great Saint said: “Keep your head in hell, and despair not!”.

The most important thing anyway is that the Faith is not a private matter, the Faith is a public witness. We cannot stay idle “for fear of the Jews”, as the Apostles after the crucifixion of the Lord. We can bear everything made to us personally, but nothing concerning the Faith. As much as we cannot force anyone, because the Lord never did it, nobody can force us away from the Lord and to stay silent in front of the evil.

We must unceasingly denounce the antichrist, the abominable modern massacre of innocents in the womb of the wretched they would have called “mother”; the ruthless exploitation of the weak and helpless; the tentative of putting depravity and sexual immorality as a social model, made equal to the matrimonial practice of all the millennia; the inverted tolerance of modern societies, where everything is tolerated but Christ.

We must stand against the spiritual desert which the West has become. Western democracy have almost completed the switch to a new political structure: Demonocracy. The Demonocratic Empire is the only outcome possible when you renounce Christ.

But only Christ is the answer!

Werewolves and all the other desperate heroes fighting with the weapons of this world forget (or are unaware of) whom this world belong. This kind of fighting will end up nurturing the enemy. Again, just look at the history of mankind.

Apart from Christ, there’s no hope.
Christians’ weapons are not of this world, their armor is the armor of God.
The enemy has nothing against them.
Christians do not fear death, Christ is risen!
For us, death has been defeated. We fear the Judgment of God, nothing else!

If everybody would live by the Word of God, evil would disappear overnight from Earth.

We stand by the Truth, the Word of God, not by the vain words of men.
Moreover, we do not force anyone, so that we tolerate everybody, even the multitude of non-Christians who keep on pretending to teach us what Christ means and what Christians should do (that is, to become non-Christians).

Christians have only one need, live by the Word of Christ, in the Church. That’s not up for discussion, it’s subtracted from any vain human dialectic, not part of any thesis or antithesis, all of them created and controlled by the enemy of mankind.

Therefore, we offer the only real resistance to the enemy, who’s not Caesar but the prince of this world, “the wickedness in the high places”, because we cannot possibly be synthesized by its ruses and snares in the perpetual devilish blob in which men have perpetually ended up, following their fallen minds and all their good intentions. Without Christ, all nobles men and good intentions pave nonetheless the way to hell!

We offer Christ, for you to take back form the prince of this world the only thing you really need: your soul. The disease of mankind is spiritual, not material. Without that disease, the material creation has everything for everybody, because in Christ nobody wants more than he rightfully earns.
Naked you come here, naked you depart (for the Judgement).

We offer Christ, to overcome all fears, to repent, to swallow your pride and to live by the Word of God. Again, if everybody would keep His Word, evil would disappear overnight from Earth.

It will not happen, but it’s not Christ or Christians (and Christian is as Christian does, remember it!) to blame. It’s non-Christian and nominal christians (a BIG part of the problem) to blame, who will keep on offering one more antithesis, still pretending to know better not only than the devil but also than God, against all evidences provided by millennia of human history.

We find it ludicrous. We do not like to  waste our time, but employ it in Faith, Love and Hope, the daughters of Wisdom.

Sofia Fede Amore Speranza


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