The Saker continues to have (and propagate) a few ideas and confused about the Church. In this last post, he tosses out all the crap relative to the “true orthodox church” (copiously present in a previous post on the theme), but nevertheless promotes the incredible thesis that the Moscow Patriarchate currently gets its canonicity from the secular State. In a burst of humility, he seems to suggest that the Patriarchate should rather get that canonicity from the Saker and a couple of dissatisfied bishops of the Russian diaspora.

Yes, because obviously the Moscow Patriarchate gets its canonicity from the canons of the Church and it’s fully legitimate in all current leadership by regular and canonical choices of its synod of the bishops and TODAY there’s not one of its public teachings and Patriarch’s statements which goes contrary to the Faith as defined in the two formulas of St. Athanasius and St. Vincent, which the Saker quotes at the end of his post. He knows that very well, so it’s vain to try pointing that out to him; he will just toss your comment to the dustbin. He just quote those Saints to confuse the little ones, in its very subtle tentative to compare and put on the same plane the Moscow Patriarchate and the Schismatic Ukrainian churches.

The last post is just articulate nonsense. He jabbers of persecutions without providing facts and does not explain why should be allowed to different jurisdictions to open parishes in the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate. It has been done by the Patriarchate of Istanbul in Estonia and Finland, and you can see the results everyday, as much as in the Ukraine. In Latvia, the tentative was aborted, because of the protection of St. John of Riga. In any case, if you want to get a parish, everywhere, just buy or build your facilities, and nobody will disturb you!

At purpose, the Patriarchate of Istanbul has pursued anti-Church politics since almost a century by now; why nobody questions its canonicity? Why the monks of the Holy Mountain resist the innovations but stay inside the Patriarchate? That is because the Consensus Patrum is exactly the opposite of what the Saker claims, and no profuse quoting of St. Maximos the Confessor (as he did in a previous post, completely out of context) is going to change that! He better should check what St. John Maximovich said, much more relevant and pertinent to the context.

Even if a Patriarch officially and PRESENTLY would proclaim heresies, the canonicity of the Patriarchate is out of question: it’s the Church, until the Church decides otherwise! Moreover, no confusion must be allowed in the Communion of Christ. Whoever cut himself out of the Church for the behavior of someone inside the Church is a schismatic and whatever his justification is, it’s heresy. That’s axiomatic: we BELIEVE in the Church!

 I tell ye and I witness before ye, that to tear asunder the Church means nothing less, than to fall into heresy.

St. John Chrysostom

The Moscow Patriarchate under the Soviet yoke did proclaim heresies and was rightly excluded from the Communion of Christ. In fact, they auto-excluded themselves, personally, but its canonicity has never been in discussion, not even in the darkest hours, and thousands of worthy and suffering priests inside it still continued to be vehicles of Divine Grace for the faithful. Never in the history of Church a single Father (St. Maximos included) has ever confused the Body or a Patriarchate with the heretics who often and *everywhere* have risen to their top. NEVER!

The Moscow Patriarchate today does not teach heresies and it is (as it was) the canonical Church of all the Rus’ historical lands. No amount of the Saker’s babbling (lying, in fact) is going to change that! Its repentance has been slow and is still ongoing, but repentance it was and accepted by God. It is attested by the glorification of all the new Martyrs and Confessors of the Rus’, by the glorification of the Imperial Martyrs, by the renewed Unity of the Church inside and outside the Rus’ lands, by the dozens of icons streaming myrrh, by the reversal of the satanic grip on the Russian society and families, by Liturgy attendance repeatedly in the tens of thousands, by processions of hundreds of miles with hundreds of thousands participants, repeatedly, all around. It’s true that is missing the *placet* of the Saker and of a couple of dissatisfied bishops of the Russian diaspora, but somehow I would put the thing in the *insignificant* category. To accuse the Moscow Patriarchate’s clergy and bishops of “sergianism” today is like accusing St. Peter of apostasy; it’s a symptom of madness!

The Moscow Patriarchate still presents problems, but they will be overcome completing the repentance. That does not mean sending a note of apology to the Saker, but accelerating the transfer of all parishes outside Russia to the ROCOR, with charitable help to provide all the flocks in the West with resident bishops, for example. The ecumenical charade is already dead, it waits only for an official certification. It would be good to provide that certification, anyway.

The Saker is blind, and it’s a real paradox for a falcon. A tragedy, indeed, if you think about the character he has the impudence to hail as the shepherd of the “true orthodox church”. Wolves do not always choose sheep clothes to hide themselves, sometimes you can spot them under falcon’s feathers. Pray for the wolf! Pray for him, because being blind he’s not able to spot himself.


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