Simply put, in order for us to be victorious, we have to be Orthodox.

If Hashim Thaçi knew how many people, including Albanians, have received protection and help, have been saved and are being saved through the intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, by the prayers of the Holy Church, he never would have said those stupid words claiming that the Orthodox church in Prishtina “disfigures the appearance of the city”! If you destroy the church, God will also destroy Prishtina. In fact, he ought to know this, after all: his great-grandfather was an Orthodox priest… And all the evil that happened in Kosovo and Metohia was wrought by the hands of janissaries,7 ethnic Serbs who converted to Islam. But real Albanians are very fine, good and God-fearing people.

The following incident also happened with the Judases of that time: bandits came to the Holy Mountain and devastated it. One elder, who worked in the vineyard on Athos, was reading the Akathist to the Theotokos. The Mother of God appeared to him and said, “Go into the monastery and tell the Abbot: Whichever of the brethren want to, let them flee into the forest, but whoever doesn’t flee, the enemy will give him no peace.” Out of all the brethren, 300 monks hid in the forest; only 25 stayed. The invaders came and locked the monks who had stayed in the belfry. Two of the monks became frightened and went over to the enemy side. The robbers burned the 23 monks locked in the belfry. Two stayed in the monastery with the heretics. One went to the belfry to ring the bells—the bell fell on him and killed him. The other went into the field, and a snake bit him. And they buried the bodies of both of these monks in the monastery. Holy King Milutin freed the Holy Mountain from the Uniates and drove them away. Then he summoned the monks who had fled into the woods to return to the monastery. After a year had elapsed the brothers who had returned—in accordance with Athonite tradition—dug up the bodies of the two monks who had perished in order to place the remains in a special burial vault. But their bodies were intact! Only black. And this is a sign of damnation. And they put these bodies in large containers and brought them to Greece, and there they are to this day with this appearance: as if alive, but—black! After 700 years have elapsed already! They are in these vessels and await the Dread Judgment…. I have seen them—really, it is frightening. The fate of traitors is horrible.


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