This dramatic appeal from the Chief of the self-defence forces in Novorossya* seems** to confirm this analysis of mine (and my worst fears about civilians massacres). There are times when you just hate being right, but frankly it was not that difficult to get the facts straight.

When you face a tumor you must deal with it immediately and ruthlessly, because every minute you concede to it will increase its lethal hazard. To be sure, the Junta installed after the US sponsored and organized coup in February (with the EU in the usual role of what is called a “punk ass bitch” in US jails***) was at once recognizable as a tumor, one of the worst kind. The new “president” has made the matter even worse. In any case, even willing, he couldn’t do anything different, as his powers are limited to just following the script (which is not written in the Ukraine).

Now, apart from the indisputable fact that it’s inane to discuss with a tumor, it’s also utterly idiotic to tackle someone who has never honored a single deal (the US and their whore on duty) with the strategy of “let’s make another deal!” (which is the apparent strategy of Russia).

So here we are! A genocide in the making,  thousands of civilians purposefully assassinated in the most barbaric way, entire cities being flattened in this precise moment, war crimes upon war crimes, plans of concentration camps and ethnic cleansing. To elencate all the crimes committed in the Ukraine after “freedom and democracy” were delivered on the banks of the Rus’ baptismal font would take a whole week; all of them are fully supported by Western Demonocracies and concealed by their media brothels. The US, the UK and France have even refused to condemn the disgusting assault on the Russian embassy in Kiev at the UN Security Council; evidently they approve it. They do not even pretend anymore to be civilized States!

What’s next? Well, the most probable thing is an overt intervention (that does not mean necessarily boots on the ground) by Russia to stop the massacres and to return a minimum of decency in the political struggle. As the Saker points out, if someone is absolutely determined to get you involved in a fight, you can avoid it only up to a point, if the bully knows your address and can reach your relatives.

Many are scared about the outcome of such an intervention. They fear a full war between NATO and Russia, but frankly I do not see how that could be possible. First of all, NATO would have no legal basis to intervene. Sure, it’s clear that NATO has evolved into a rogue organization by now and do not give a damn anymore to the international law, so they could intervene anyway. The problem here is that NATO is very good to massacre at distance, to bomb defenceless Countries into oblivion, but they have no match on the ground for a full war against the Russian Army, i.e. an adversary able to fight back under any aspect. No such war is sustainable without a full support of the population in the Countries involved and, notwithstanding the incessant lies by the media circus to create a virtual reality compliant with the official narrative, not a single person every ten in Europe would support such a war.

Many go so far as to envisage a nuclear war between the US and Russia. Fortunately, there is no way that the US could win a nuclear war against Russia (and vice versa). They know it very well, even if sometimes some freaks dream they could, but nobody in the US Military take them seriously. No, the US will unabatedly fight Russia, but just until the last Ukrainian.

There is of course always the danger of the imponderable, above all considering that not a few people in charge in the West are genuinely insane, but insanity and imponderability are by definition beyond the realm of rationality, so that it is utterly futile to analyze and model them.

There is also another possibility, although unlikely: Putin will do nothing of substance, no matter what atrocity or provocation will be consumed next by the new demonocratics in Kiev, and so he’ll get the dubious honor to preside over the creation of a rabidly hostile entity in the Russian courtyard (in Russian lands, after all), an entity obscenely excited by all the Russian blood spilled with impunity and directed from Langley, Virginia.

This possibility is unlikely because it would basically mean that Putin is schizophrenic, as in a much less sensitive situation he did kick the shit out of Saakashvili six years ago in South Ossetia. Moreover, the pressure from outraged Russian public will become increasingly unbearable to stand: opposite to the Western media, the Russian ones every day broadcast killed or maimed civilians (i.e. the reality); the same in the Web, hundreds of videos daily show the atrocities going on there. Unfortunately, they still do not understand the absolute necessity to have them translated (at least) in English, otherwise they will stay as invisible to the Western audience. Not only, tens of thousands refugees are  already stationed in Russian territory****.

There is anyway always the danger for Russia to accept the role of a mere Antithesis to the Western Thesis and to be so synthesized in the devilish blob which rules the world. That’s been the main way for the Demonocratic Empire to assert itself and expand and dominate since its first cry, namely the Cromwellian bloodbath four centuries ago. In this case, in twenty years time the Rus’ will disappear, the Christians will be forced to publicly praise Conchita Wurst (instead of the Roman Emperor) or face fierce tortures and the world will bury itself in a cosmic laughing. Then the Son of Man will come again, this time in His Glory!

Pray to the Most Holy Mother of God to intercede for us!

icona Theotokos

* I use the historical name here because the Ukraine as a State and its Constitution have been destroyed by the US directed coup in February. Therefore, as for international law in such circumstances only the local people’s will is what really matters, I use the name that the people in those lands use to define them.

** You must take everything coming out from an area of conflict cum grano salis. We also must always remember that we have FAR less informations and RESPONSABILITIES than Putin has…..

*** The Saker’s copyright

**** This article anyway points out very good arguments  to explain the apparent apathy of the Kremlin. Its logic is sound enough to instill a doubt about the better policy to face the monster created by the US at Russia’s borders. I still stand by my view that it’s utterly useless to negotiate with the devil, with an enemy whose only satisfaction is your destruction, but we must always render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.


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