Main and recurrent features of or around these collective murders have been:

a) the grotesque intent by Ukrainian officials, during the first days ensuing the massacres, of blaming the victims for their own deaths or that they have been murdered by their own comrades;

b) the Nazi style and degree of the ferocious brutality by which the carnage have been implemented;

c) The ominous support that the deceitful official versions have gotten by the main stream media in the NATO-countries, including its client states such as Sweden. This collaboration of the “West” media towards the fascist Ukraine regime is done through a selective process, consisting of:

i] Either simply reproducing the official Kiev versions,

ii] Or presenting those facts which are detrimental to the Junta as “myths” or “not-confirmed information”, thus ignoring the evidence that does exist about the issues (e.g. see here my comment to BBC envoy Tim Whewell on what he refers as mythical versions on the Odessa arson’s cause);

iii] Or simply NOT airing or publishing information exposing the Ukraine Junta’s atrocities against the civil population.


Inna K


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