The situation in the Ukraine has evolved in a sort of catch-22 for Russia, a sort of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” thing.

I had also the privilege recently to be called “a Western paid stooge” (of all things!), because of my view that Russia is not taking in due consideration the relentless aggression by the Demonocratic Empire, of which the bloody coup sponsored by foreign powers in the Ukraine is just the last (and yet the most virulent) act.

The reasoning goes this way; the D-Empire desperately needs an overt Russia intervention in the Ukraine, to stop the daily massacre of civilians by the Kiev Junta in the South-East, as the  only way out of the mess they have created, so whoever is calling for a more proactive  Russian stance on the matter is a Western agent. Not a simple unaware stooge, no, a paid stooge!

May I suggest to be a bit more careful about calling names regarding people who have a (partially) different point of view?
After all, it really came as some surprise to me to discover I am a paid stooge, above all about the “paid” part. I’ve just checked my bank account and I’ve found the usual desolation.

Not that I am a supporter of a Russian open intervention now (I did support an open and awing intervention two days after the coup), because by then the situation is such a mess that every calculation could easily turn in a miscalculation, but I disagree on many points about the last Saker’s analysis.

First of all, he’s right about the new “president”, he’s “the ultimate political prostitute”.  But the Saker fails to realize that he’s a courtesan already bought and paid for, and his pimps are of the worst kind: they can be very nasty to their bawds if they defect. The “president” knows it and knows also that he will have no real control on current Ukrainian power structures, whose loyalty lies elsewhere, abroad.

About Putin, I have a problem above all for some words he did state at the beginning of this tragedy. I can sum them up this way: “Do not dare to start shooting civilians!”.
Well, we are north of one thousands civilian deaths now, old, women and children included, many of them assassinated in a most horrible and coward way (at Odessa e Mariupol), with residential objectives shelled everyday. This not even counting hundreds of Ukrainian militaries massacred because of their refusal to kill fellow countrymen (and whose organs have been explanted, according to some reports).
Words have a meaning and some people could count on it, only to find themselves out in the cold with no sign of the promised (that’s the meaning of his words) helping hand. In South Ossetia, in 2008, the civilian victims of the Georgian aggression were 1,486.
If Putin’s words have no meaning, well, I used to think there was a difference between the two sides.

Realpolitik is very good, but if you lose the moral upper hand you are going to be transformed in a mere “antithesis”, and the synthesis will always be more of the same. It’s irrelevant that you realize this or not, that will be the outcome!

What the D-Empire wants is not a Russian intervention, but chaos and utter misery and hatred and constant threats in Russia courtyard. They have already achieved that.
At this point, an overt Russian intervention is not going to stabilize the situation, as it would have if made in the immediate days after the coup (in a perfectly legal framework under international law, with a express written request from the legitimate President for military assistance),  but what about some SERIOUS help to the resistance? I mean, they do not even have some decent pieces of artillery to clean cities outskirts of murderous thugs with heavy guns who routinely shell kindergartens and mental hospitals and civilian houses. What about some underground operations to wipe completely out all of Ukrainian border posts in Novorossija? What about getting finally serious? I remind everybody that the other side enjoy a full support from the Thug in Chief, FULL, in full light and with no reservations about the use of that support (not even in the case of strangling pregnant women!). There’s no money in the Ukraine for anything BUT oligarchs pockets, Biden’s son AND hired mercenaries with very sophisticated stuff to kill people in the East.
I think it’s unfair to compare the coolness of Donetsk and Lugansk folks with the hotness of Crimeans. Novorossija has not a military base with 16,000 Russians soldiers and hundreds of Spetsnaz pouring in regularly.
Thugs are just thugs, never to be real fighters, but thugs are more than enough when they are fully supported with arms and money by foreign powers and the other side has nothing but good will.

Kill the dollar! Of course, that’s the real strategic goal, but it will take years if not decades to achieve that, make no mistake!
In the meanwhile, even a Syria-light (if the Junta is not able to completely smash the resistance) would be a catastrophe for Russia and Orthodoxy (the real target, again, make no mistake!).
When I say the Junta (or the chocolate guy), you have to understand US and their satrapies. Thugs will never run out of gun and ammo, be sure, even if all around Ukrainians will be starving to death, and differently from Syria the thugs are officially in charge here.

Also differently from Syria, Russia shares a very long border with Syria-reloaded, so she better starts getting damned serious. The common border in this last case would help!
And please stop worrying about bad press and the propaganda. Russia will not get any different treatment from the Western media circus, no matter what she does (apart from delivering the Kremlin’s keys to the progeny of the devil).
They have been able to demonize Putin for putting sexual depravity out of the children’s reach, and you worry about them? Again, GET SERIOUS! It’s high time!

I really find sickening this constant concern about the sensibilities of murderers, whores and liars.
About the common people in the West, those who could and wanted to understand have already understood, I think.
Those who have still not understood, probably will never do or they just don’t give a damn. They just sigh and turn on the TV, comfortably numb in their path to the outer darkness.

Please, understand me: this  last remark does not concern any people who does not “do something”…

There’s very little that common folks like us can do, as I have already stated elsewhere, apart from stating the truth, standing by the truth and relentlessly denouncing the evil and the lies (and even this is becoming increasingly dangerous in Western Demonocracies).

Even the elections are just a thaumaturgic myth in the current power structures who run the Countries hijacked by the Demonocratic Empire. Take the last European elections, for example. Somewhat encouraging, you could say, and I would agree.
But after all, the great majority did still vote for the incumbent Right (Thesis) and Left (Antithesis) hands of the devil; you can guess what the Synthesis will be.
Anti EU parties did get a very good result, it’s true, but if ten of them would meet you would get fifteen statements out of the summit, and this not even considering that a few of these parties are just undercover entities of the same master who owns incumbent Right and Left (like Golden Dawn and, I suspect, Wilders’ party in Holland).
Nothing will change, believe me. Nothing real, at least. It’s a pity because Europe is no less a target of the aggression in the Ukraine.

My statement refers to all the people who simply are not able to even understand the reality, wandering in a Truman show, without a clue about themselves and the others, too muzzy by centuries of propaganda and indoctrination, too busy jumping all over the places to keep paying for things they don’t really need and for the lifestyle of their owners, too afraid to open their eyes and face the truth, too spoiled to give a damn about other people or too comfortable in the crumbs falling from the golden calf to desire to look inside the whitewashed sepulcher and see what they KNOW very well is there: unspeakable sufferings, injustices and excruciating deaths of millions upon millions of persons.

I just mean to state the obvious: Russia has not the luxury to wait for the conversion or the awakening of all these people, nor to wait until we common folks reach the critical mass to make a change (I doubt we’ll ever do, unless we all put up the armor of God, and I simply don’t think that is possible). I mean a change to the right path. The history of mankind is full of changes (gyrations, indeed) which have ended up on the same devilish path!

It’s not a good policy to just look at the house burning and doing nothing (serious) because you are too busy explaining to the arsonists that it’s a good thing to extinguish the fire.
In any case, you can very well do the latter while keeping on doing the former. You are Russia, after all.

A catch-22 is just the modern terminology for a Gordian knot; you cannot untie a Gordian knot, you must cut it.


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