Where did the Christians got the concept the satan being a Devil?

It is not in the TaNaKh (OT). If it is can you please give me the quote?

And, that Elohim is in constant war with Lucifer?

In fact, Lucifer is not a Hebrew name. It is a Greek/Roman name. No Lucifer is mentioned in TaNaKh (OT). If it is, please quote it to me?

It both Hebrew and Arabic, satan means, “adversary”. Satan being the adversary of humans in both Judaism and Islam.

In Judaism, satan is an angel who is in good standing with Elohim, and whose work is to temp humans. He does this with the explicit command of Elohim. Judaism has concept called, yetzer (ha)ra and yetzer tav, which has to do with the story of Jacob, when Elohim changed his name to Israel.

In Islam, Iblis who was not an angel was the enemy of Adam and Eve. In Islam, it is our “Free Will” which is the satan (adversary) within oneself, like yetzer hara and yetzer tav in Judaism. The only power given to satan is the “power of whisper”. 

One cannot underestimate this power, it is within individual self, telling one to do bad/evil. The adversary within oneself constantly whispering to do bad/evil.

Or it can be groups, such as in the case of German War Machine, The MSN, The Hasbara, or as George Orwell nicely explained in his book called, “1984”.


“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

This is the Word of God.
And it’s the indisputable teaching of the Church that Satan is THE devil.

It’s part of the fundamental differences we have, my friend.
Please understand that OT has only a residual importance for us Christians. Apart from the Prophets and the Psalms, we have no business with most of it. And when we have, it’s only through Christ’s words and teachings as Litmus Test and the Church’s Fathers interpretation as guidance.
Even the Law is accomplished and overcome by Christ.
We are the sons of the New Covenant.

“In Islam, it is our “Free Will” which is the satan (adversary) within oneself, like yetzer hara and yetzer tav in Judaism. The only power given to satan is the “power of whisper”.”

We are not so far here, but only in the sense that our free will can choose the evil. But evil is not within ourselves, there’s no evil inside any of God’s Creation.
“He saw that it was good.”

In us there is the power to choose, anyway, because we were made in His likeness; so we are free, as He is absolutely free.
Therefore we can choose to follow “Satan’s whispers” and do evil.

Evil is just separation from God, it has no autonomous ontological subsistence.
Satan can only whisper because the only power he has over the Creation is just the power that we, the only creatures who unite the material with the spiritual, give him.
(apart from a few cases when God concede him that power, according to His inscrutable plan)


The creation is never separate from God, not even in hell. God is in hell, as hell is God’s domain too. There is no such thing as Lucifer’s domain. Everything belongs to God and to Whom is our return.


That separation is a state of the Creation, not a physical something outside the Creation, and it leads to Its destruction, because no thing created can subsist by itself, separate from God.


When I was a kid, I asked my dad, why the Holy Quran considers Christians to be closest to the Muslims, even though the Christians are non-Monotheistic (believing in Holy Trinity).

His answer : Prince of Peace Jesus (as) has installed the true love of God in his adherents that no others have been able to. Best answer! 🙂


If You, your Word and your Spirit are three different individuals, well, then you are right: we are polytheists.


Muslims don’t believe that the Creator can be creation.

Shia Muslims go one step further and say that everything is creation. Existence vs. non-existence.

Everything is non-existence beside God, therefore every thing is created. Humans, emotions, love, hate, good, evil, senses, instincts and so forth are all creations. Therefore, Creator cannot be any of these. He cannot be creation. Just like there cannot be two creators. 

In my comments to Where-Wolf and WizOZ above, I have shown how the so called, “chosen people” hijacked the Christians religion through TaNaKh’s translation to OT. I want also to show how they hijacked Islam too, if anyone is interested.


The Word and the Holy Spirit are not creation of God. They are expression (I lack a better word) of God and are God.

God did literally call the world into creation. 
“Let it be ….”
His Word did it, as the Word is the relation of God with His creation, and is God.

After the Call into existence of everything, His Spirit was upon the waters, to bestow Life into Creation, as His Spirit is the Source and the Subsistence of every life, and is God.

The Word is begotten (the Son) from God (the Father Almighty) and the Holy Spirit proceeds from God, as both find their cause in God, but They are not created.
They are God, in essence and in substance.

As much as you ARE your word and you ARE your spirit. You do not create them, but they are the presupposition of every your creation.

You are in His Image and Likeness.

P.S. – Please be sure that the ex-chosen people cannot possibly hijack Orthodoxy. Everything else yes, because that’s worldly and earthly (including much of what still pretend to be Christianity today), but not Orthodoxy.
Orthodoxy has not changed one jota in two millennia.


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