Today is the St. Thomas Sunday and I wish to spend a few words about our tolerant, oh-so-tolerant, atheists.   (John 20, 19-31)


I remember once reading a Dawkins’ proposal to take St. Thomas as the patron of scientists, because he asked for evidences to believe.
Poor Richard, however, did forget to mention that St. Thomas not only asked for evidences, HE ALSO DID GET THEM PLENTY!
Not only, after he did not discard them saying that to be a true scientist you need to eliminate God and supernatural from the discourse, as spectacular idiots as Richard Dawkins do claim.

Atheists are logical, oh-so-logical, people. They are the people who walking near the Milan Dome have no doubt that such a mirable construct has to be the work of an intelligent being, but facing something a billion times more complicated, as a single living cell, they pretend it to be the accidental result of casual hits of particles, particles coming out from nothing following a wave of cosmic probability (whatever that means).

They will deny the privilege of existence to anything which cannot be established by scientifical process, so denying their own existence (try to demonstrate scientifically, i.e. TO REPLICATE, a human being).

So much for the claim that science is not a belief system.

A few centuries ago, the science said that you need to cut the penis to a syphilitic to cure him.
Semmelweis was ridiculed when he suggested to wash the hands before going to a parturient after performing an autopsy.
Today you have the supreme idiocy to cure cancer destroying the immune system of the patient (when it’s most needed)  peddled as science, and so on and so forth.

Yet, they continue unperturbed to pose as little gods in human features.
They blather about what has happened a billion years ago, and how, like they were there, you almost wait for a clip from them, so serious and confident they look….
If you point out that their sacred dating methods have failed ALL the time to give the exact age of an object when that age was known, they just stare as addicted and will start over one moment later describing the sexual habits of dinosaurs, 265 millions of years ago, just before the sunset….

They are specialized in pecker theorems: namely, to prove something assuming as indisputable what they have to demonstrate.
For example, if you ask to know which scientific experiment has demonstrated that current climate changes and their effects are caused by human activities, they will show you some effects of this climate changes. The human cause, the thing to demonstrate, is given as axiomatic!
This they call scientific method, and are able to stay serious in the while.

The climate of this planet depends on gigantic forces tuned so finely that can be defined only as miraculous; in other words, the climate here is in the hands of God!
Men are just fly poo when compared to those forces and their subtle equilibrium.

The science fetish, as described above, is just another idol, and there’s nothing men like more than an idol to worship, no matter how ludicrous and inconsequential is the mythology concocted to support it.
Everything but God!

Atheists are rational, oh-so-rational, people. As in a novel by De Sade, they will lecture superstitious people like us about all the irrationality and barbaric features of Christianity, all of this while eating shit!
Exactly so, in that novel they were eating the excrements of the poor souls they were going to abuse, calling at the same time all Christians retrograde idiots.

As Chesterton said, when you stop to believe in God, you do not believe in nothing, you start to believe in anything!
Of course, what did you expect denying the Logos?
(cfr. the exceptional work of Jonas E. Alexis)

Atheists are also very, very tolerant, I’ve already said that.
Theirs is the same tolerance of the homo-gang, the famous tolerance of Sodom (also known as the inverted tolerance): Either you join the orgy or you get raped.

Atheists are very, very pious people. Their faith is unshakable, completely allergic to any doubt and immune to any fact, a faith so granitic to put ours to shame.
The faith in the Nothing, this bizzarre divinity refuted by her own name.

Atheists will now tell you that life is a language, but nobody invented it (a logical non-sequitur).

We superstitious people have always stated that life is a Language, the Word of God!
(John 1, 1-3)

Make your (educated) choice!


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