“A capitalist may wish to sell drinking water, but Mammon wants to poison all water in order to force everybody to buy drinking water.”      (Israel Shamir)

I could spend ten years and use millions of words, but I would never be able to illustrate the difference between Capitalism and the current economic and financial system better than those few words above from Israel Shamir.

For years I’ve protested the labeling of the current economic system as capitalistic. Capitalism (as teached by the Austrian School and sistematically exposed by von Mises, teaching which has anyway a major flaw in the alleged neutrality of money – see my essay on Economic Goods and Money as a Good) is  the only correct economic theory and is just a theory!

To have it  in practice, you should have all men obeying at least the last half of God’s Decalogue (do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, do not covet, etc.). That’s not possible, as men are always free to make a moral choice; there’s no such a thing as an economic agent, you have always a moral agent!

The moment he chooses evil (and it’s inevitable if the only goal  is his economic gain), the market ceases to be free and the foundation of capitalism collapses. Moreover, beyond a certain threshold accumulation of capital, if not widespread, becomes uneconomic for the system, not least because it makes the latter less and less free. You have just to look around to see empirical evidences of this.

In fact, the current economic system does not even pretend to be capitalistic. Its monetary foundations lay on so-called money called out of thin air, outside any economic process. The process is not even rational, as this money gets its value exclusively from the State’s guarantee but the State (i.e. the citizens) must pay to get it; it’s difficult to imagine something more idiotic and criminal!

Therefore, the nature entirely parasitical of the production of the most important economic good, whose property is given to a select few, who can so create at will claims immediately due on every goods, works and services for their exclusive advantage, deny ab initio any capitalistic pretension of the current economic system. The freedom of the markets and their acting people is destroyed to the root!

As an aside, it must be stressed that only in this case it’s correct to call usury the charging of interest, namely in the case of blatant usurpation of the monetary sovereignty, when so-called money is entirely loose from any economic process or work, i.e. entirely parasitical in its production and appropriation. It’s clear that when that production and appropriation comes from free and legitimate economic process and work, money is just another economic good, even if a special one, and every economic good can legitimately require its price. (cfr. Matthew 25, 27)

Beyond this, the freedom to undertake economic activity has become just a myth in modern western demonocracies (it’s not a refuse, that’s the only correct denomination for the current western political system). Today, to make just one example, in New York you need a dozen different permits to sell lemonade. Only big fishes, sanctioned by the High Parasite (the international banks’ gang), are free to bribe their way to “economic success”; the rest are allowed to swim as much as necessary to become adequate food for the Worm’s unquenchable hunger.

Not only! The responsibility for one’s own actions again apply only in case of petty malfeasance and never against a member or a vassal of the High Parasite, unless he pisses off the pot. Crime is the only thing that pays in the current western economic environment, but only big crime!

The only freedom that common people have is to scramble all day to get the privilege to scramble one day more.

Therefore, to sum it up, if it does not look like a duck, if it does not move like a duck, if it does not quack….. well, then IT’S NOT A DUCK!!!

The current economic system is not capitalistic, it’s a slavery system, and you must be extremely stupid if you wonder why its outcome is that one percent of people control ninety percent of riches!

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

P.S. – A capitalist may wish to sell GMO for food, but Mammon wants a compliant politician to pass a law preventing people to know they are buying GMO for food (after people had made very clear that they want to know).


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