After the tragic events in Kiev, they could not be late in showing up here.


One of their banners says: “A reminder to the government – the language issue did lead to events in Crimea”.

As for every idiot in the world, their main characteristic is a crass ignorance. They totally ignore (or pretend to ignore) history, logic and facts in their rants. They will be soon joined by specular idiots, in latvian colours, who will identify these few dozens protesters with the whole russian-speaking people in Latvia and will start calling for a crackdown on them all, sowing hatred and conflicts, cementing distrust and turning a peaceful land into a battlefield. Even these specular idiots are characterized by a crass ignorance about their own history, logic and facts.

If those idiots on both sides will have their way, you can kiss goodbye to Latvia, with great joy of their paymaster, who is one and the same, just the same who did pay the snipers who in Kiev killed one hundred persons on both sides, policemen and protesters alike. The devil will thank them very much! Not that they know him (the paymaster), mind you: as I’ve said, ignorance (sometimes willful) is the main characteristic of every idiot in the world.

Therefore, I’m forced to give these idiots a brief lesson about their own history, logic and facts.

1) The events in Crimea were not the result of language issues but of a bloody coup in Kiev, which ousted the legitimate government and president and installed a dictatorial Junta, whose power rests entirely on the violence of Nazi elements coming from just 3 of the ukrainian regions.

2) The coup in Kiev was orchestrated by foreign powers, namely US (with the active support from some EU countries and EU bureaucrats). Victoria Nuland, US Undersecretary of State and wife of Robert Kagan (one of the men behind every US wickedness in the last 25 years, Iraq invasion being the mainly), did choose the name of the current self-imposed Prime Minister in Ukraine many weeks before the coup and did even disclose the money spent by her government to destabilize Ukraine: 5 billions $!

3) These foreign powers couldn’t care less for Ukraine and Ukrainians’ well-being. They are only interested in destabilizing Russia, installing Nato bases and missiles in the russian courtyard, with the ultimate intent to get rid of the main obstacle to achieve their New World Order, i.e. their total domination of the world. But in the meanwhile they will not refrain from looting every ukrainian resource left, together with the local oligarchs, already appointed by the current Junta to govern the richest ukrainian regions. Ukrainian gold has already left the country, it’s gone (to Washington)! Ordinary citizens will collapse in utter misery and will be then presented with the bill to pay.

4) Tymoshenko, the jailbird who is acclaimed as a heroine by the West, has loudly called for every ex-Soviet Union Country to follow in the Kiev thugs’ example. Every idiot in these Countries will listen to her and will try to destroy his homeland just as Ukraine has been destroyed, while Tymoshenko (give her a call, she’s really hot!) enjoys the millions fruit of her hard work.

5) Yanukovich and his government was maybe not less corrupt, but he was (and is) the legitimate president of Ukraine and his choice to skip away from the EU Treaty in favor of the Eurasian Custom Union was the correct one for the well-being of his people. Everyone who has read the papers and have half a brain can understand this. The EU Treaty was a request to consent to be raped in exchange for a baksheesh; the Eurasian Custom Union did resemble much to free money. Moreover, Yanukovich did essentially capitulate to foreign pressure on February 21st, accepting a national unity government, renouncing to a substantial part of presidential powers and agreeing to remit the whole matter to the people through early election. The day after this agreement, the local thugs of those foreign powers did force an illegal and violent seizure of power, shedding their own people blood.

Russia has showed an admirable restraint in response to this criminal behavior, which has delivered Ukraine to the law of the jungle. If you compare honestly the current Russia foreign policy to the western one, you are forced to conclude that you are comparing the Good Samaritan to Jack the Ripper.

6) There is no possible comparison between Latvia and Ukraine.

Latvia only recently did come in the russian sphere of influence (two centuries ago) and Latvians are a well-defined people, enslaved by German crusaders in the XIII century. Even after becoming part of the Russian Empire, German lords ruled over them in most of the lands outside the cities until the XX century. Latvia was then a sovereign State when the Bolsheviks did invade and brutally annexed it to Soviet Union. The strong Russian presence here today is due for the most part to immigration after the occupation (anyway, this does not mean that Latvia is not their home today, I would argue that it is more for them than for all those Latvians who spent the occupation period abroad).

Ukraine as we know it today is only the outcome of the Soviet mess. It has never existed before as a State and was created only as a Soviet republic. There is no clear distinction between russian and ukrainian ethnicity and language. Apart from the regions in the far west, which were annexed by Stalin at the end of WWII, what we call today Ukraine was for centuries the historical birth land of Russia: Russia was born in Kiev a thousand years ago; Russia was baptized in Kiev; Russia was the name of the land until the Bolsheviks started their satanic reign of terror. Until then, Ukraine was just the name of the lands at the Polish and Habsburg domains’ borders. Ukraine means just that: borderland. There is more difference between a Neapolitan and a Roman than between an Ukrainian and a Russian.

But most importantly, opposite to Ukraine, currently Latvia enjoys a legal government, a peaceful society, a decent rule of the law and a total lack of armed thugs roaming in the streets.

7) Of course, today exists a State called Ukraine and its sovereignity has to be respected, but it must be respected by everyone. It’s a little odd to pretend that respect by Russia and to allow at the same time every sort of meddling and intrusion by US and EU. During the months leading to the violent coup in Kiev, hundreds of politicians and bureaucrats from US, Poland, Lithuania and other EU States (including a couple of Latvians, whom I wish to be canceled from the local political scene at the next elections) have shown up there openly supporting and inciting people to overthrow the legitimate government, with the US embassy as usual leading and organizing the dirty work. Just imagine the same behavior by Russian politicians and embassy in Riga during some protests. No, really please, just imagine it!

8) Crimea was already Russia before the United States did even exist! It was given to Ukraine only in 1954 by Khruscev in a move entirely internal to the Soviet Union. There was no russian invasion. Russian troops were there already, legally, under an international treaty, 8,000 soldiers less than those allowed to be there. There has been a Russian naval base in Sevastopol since the time when nor Italy nor Germany were States and even before Americans did start grabbing the Natives’ land they occupy today, exterminating them in the effort. The Crimean self-defence forces speak russian because, well, up to 70% of Crimean people are ethnic Russian and up to 83% of Crimean people speak Russian as their everyday language. What did you want them to speak? Sanskrit?

The referendum in Crimea was fully legitimate under art. 1 of the United Nations Charter and was fully legitimate under Ukraine’s constitution because the thugs who illegally and violently seized power in Kiev had just destroyed that constitution (it was the referendum in Kosovo which was not legitimate under Serbia’s constitution, because there was a perfectly legal government in Serbia at that time; in fact, nobody did recognize it). The return to Russia was enshrined by 96.7% of the people in Crimea, with a turnout of 83.1%, in a vote recognized to be fair, free and peaceful by hundreds of international observers.

9) Latvian-speaking idiots all too often forget how many Latvians were actively instrumental in preparing and supporting the Soviet invasion and occupation. Russian-speaking idiots all too often forget that the Red Army did not free Baltic, Polish, Hungarians, Bulgarian, et cetera, but just replaced the Nazi nightmare with the even worse Soviet nightmare.

Both forget that the first and more numerous victims of the Bolsheviks terror were Russian! The real holocaust of the past century was that of Russian Christians, with one hundred thousands churches destroyed and tens of millions of people killed, even before the Molotov-von Ribbentrop pact! Both forget that during this (christian) bloodbath, this satanic frenzy to kill, none of the Bolsheviks leaders were Russians. Lenin was not Russian, Trotsky was not Russian, Stalin was not Russian. Actually, most of the Bolsheviks leaders were Jews. In 1919, 95% of Soviet councils were made of Jews.

10) To counter all these idiots, whatever language they speak, I wish to suggest to the Latvian government (even local governments) to establish a prize for every mixed marriage: let Love and Children bury whatever idiot wants to attack the people’s peace to do the devil’s bid!

He who is devoid of wisdom despises his neighbor, But a man of understanding holds his peace.

Concluding this brief lesson of mine about history, logic and facts, I wish to reassure my loved one(s): no, my dear, I was not there, because I am allergic to every kind of idiots, no matter the language they speak, the color they prefer, the features they have. You’d know it if you would read what I write instead of wasting your time with the cackle of sycophants or brainwashed people, who want you to divide people according to their language or to their blood.

Every language belongs to the Word of God and every blood has the same color; once spilled, it can’t be washed away.

Do not fall for the evil one or you’ll lose everything, forever!


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