The Problem Of Information

It never ceases to amaze me how very serious researchers keep on taking  seriously that nonsense known as darwinian evolution and the fanatics who propagate or mindlessly parrot it, even if they do only to refute it (common sense would suffice for that).

Nevertheless they do it.

It is impossible to set up, store, or transmit information without using a code.

It is impossible to have a code apart from a free and deliberate convention.

It is impossible to have information without a sender.

It is impossible that information can exist without having had a mental source.

It is impossible for information to exist without having been established voluntarily by a free will.

It is impossible for information to exist without all five hierarchical levels:  statistics, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and apobetics [the purpose for which the information is intended, from the Greek apobeinon = result, success, conclusion].

It is impossible that information can originate in statistical processes.


The transformation of biology from chemistry to information.


The information is the mental essence of all the things created, which derive their state and order of being according exactly to the information concerning each thing; divine commands, for Deity is the only logical name for the source of these informative foundations supporting all of the existing reality (but do not expect logic from the offspring of apes), determining the when, where and how of everything sensible and its immediate (natural) purpose.

The source of these information is God in His good Will, whose movement command the existence out of nothing of everything, with all its potentialities and possibilities, but Christ is the beginning of the external intelligibility of all things.

The Word intervenes the First Day to call in existence the Light. Before that, the earth already was, but it was formless and void. The Word gave it form, content, meaning, idem est LOGOS. Heaven also already was, with all the heavenly hosts ready to be activated by the Word of God.

The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Water and the Spirit…..the Baptism of the Creation.
Then the Word speaks the Light into existence, and all things may then receive the information for their life and meaning and purpose, together with the power (the Spirit) into existence, the Grace into subsistence.
Everything by Christ, through Christ and for Christ, indeed!

The Word gives the possibility for those outside God (all the creation and all the creatures) to comprehend, He’s the only relation between God and His creation, the only conveyor of His Spirit. It’s for this that exactly the Word will then incarnate. Apart from Him, we cannot possibly understand, i.e. partecipate, because the only true knowledge is partecipation to the divine energies.

These information, these mental essences, are the transmitters of the forms and meanings (logoi) of all the potentialities to be actualized, with their hierarchies; true and faithful messengers of God, who refused the satanic call to misplaced pride and avoided the fall from the ranks of the heavenly powers.

They are the conveyors of the Will established in the pre-eternal Trinitarian council, uttered in supreme Wisdom by the Word and sustained in perpetual charity by the Holy Spirit.

The Christian wisdom has given a precise name to these messengers of God: Angels!

Bless the Lord, all ye His angels, mighty in strength, that perform His word, to hearken unto the voice of His words.

These heavenly hosts have not a body, but they are not immaterial. Like every thing created, they partake of the elements of the creation, only in the most immediate and pure form: energetic plasma. In fact, energy is at the foundational basis of every matter and every matter dissolves in energy. It can be safely assumed that plasma is the fundamental state of matter and the primordial created energy. 

This astonishing element seems to be at the edge between the created sensible reality and its nothingness before the Divine Call in existence, at the border (the ether, the blank page with unique qualities upon which it is drawn the Divine Call)  with the uncreated energies of God. It is image of the divine darkness in his dark mode and yet full of frightening and unbounded power and infinite potentialities. It powers all the luminaries in the world and pretty much everything else, thanks to its perfect scalability, and it attires the conveyors of the divine wisdom, bringing forth the information for all things to be formed.

It is the light before the Sun!


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