Il tempo dell’intero Tuo cammino su questa terra, Signore.

Abbi misericordia, Ti prego.

Ricompense qui non ne ha avuto.

E male non ne ha fatto.

evlogetaria for the dead

Evlogetaria for the Dead

Kontakion of the Departed

San Varo, ti prego mirabile martire, intercedi per lui.

Saint Varus of Egypt

Donagli la Tua Pace, Signore, Ti prego.

Beato Iosif di Vatopedi

The blessed Elder Josif of Vatopeni died on the 1st of July 2009, and an hour and a half later, he smiled, thus practically sealing the evidence for the Common Resurrection.

His last, everlasting and most recent legacy was the following: “Love one another. If you are united in love, no one will ever be able to harm you”. He possessed and was experiencing a profound view about love.  He said: “God does not love, He is love;, His existence is love. Love is the perfection of our personality; it is not an acquired virtue. It is the very same person, Christ. Look inside you and you will acknowledge that when love is missing, you are troubled. There is no personhood without love”


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