US President Barack Obama: “Washington will recognize the so-called National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of Syrian people.”

Question: “What about the actual will of Syrian people?”

US President Barack Obama: “Don’t annoy me with these useless details!”

Question: “Why US does not support and recognize also the opposition in Bahrein and Saudi Arabia and Yemen, where hundreds of thousands of people protesting and asking for change and freedom are being daily butchered and abused by ruling powers much less legitimate than the actual Syrian government?”

US President Barack Obama: “I told you to don’t annoy me with these useless details!”

Question: “Why US does support blindly a rogue nuclear State, which does not respect any international law and resolution, has a racial attitude and has killed senselessly tens of thousands of civilians in the territories which it occupies illegally?”

Us President Barack Obama: “You are an antisemite!”

Question: “Au contraire, I strongly support Semites. Semites are the people they routinely kill.”

US President Barack Obama: “You are an antisemite anyway!”

Question: ” Why do you lecture the rest of the world on human rights while you pretend the power to detain or kill everyone in every place of the world without even having to charge them, while your police daily harasses, abuses and…..”

US President Barack Obama: “You’re a terrorist! SECURITY!!!

Question: “Before locking me up in Guantanamo (which you promised to close), have you some comments on this last ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, which unanimously states that CIA operates as a criminal gang?

US President Barack Obama: “SECURITYYYY!!!!

You have to work hard to win a Nobel Prize for Peace. His legitimate representatives of Syrian people have just assassinated 16 more Syrian civilian – 7 were children!


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