Miles Mathis clarifies that dark matter exist only in the atrophied brains of mainstream physics.

This man is a real genius, and I think he has been able to successfully unify the field. Check here for his impressive science production (not a dime by taxpayers!).

Of course, he’ll not have everything right (it would be something beyond a miracle), but once physics will be freed from corruption and fiction writers, once it will be understood again that math is just a language, unable to create nothing real by itself, everybody will have to reckon with his work.

“…..just imagine a Bigfoot hunter going to the Washington Post and saying, “Well, we have a footprint, which proves that Bigfoot exists, but we can’t show it to you.” Why not? “Because we don’t actually have a cast or a photo of the footprint, just evidence it exists.” What evidence is that? “A footprint.” But didn’t you just say you don’t have a cast or a photo? “Yes, but we have evidence of the footprint, which proves Bigfoot exists.” But if you don’t have a cast or a photo, what do you have as evidence? “Well, we have this press release, which has been verified by a lot of top people.”

(from his take at the “discovery” of Higgs’ boson – 11 billions $ and counting of taxpayers’ money – read the rest here)

P.S. – His artistic production is not less impressive.


2 Responses to “IT’S THE CHARGE, STUPID!”

  1. Miles Pantload Mathis Says:

    Miles Mathis is the laughingstock of the physics academia, for good reason. (He is under the assumption velocity is the derivative of acceleration). He’s objectively wrong.

  2. maedhros67 Says:

    Physics academia is the laughing stock of common sense, for good reason. They are under the assumption that physic is whatever idiocy they utter, no evidence needed, and have also a strange believing in the magical creative power of math formulas (which can only describe something, as every language, and if they describe something inexistent or impossible, well, that something will continue to be inexistent or impossible, no matter how correct the formula appears to be). They are objectively wrong (and I suspect they even know it). As for you, please produce some papers in confutation to Mathis’ thesis, we’ll gladly examine them.

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